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Former Army Spouse Ximena Rozo was born in Colombia and moved to the US when she was 18 years old. She holds a Master’s Degree in textile design from Pratt University.

When stationed in Washington State with her then-husband, Ximena worked for Boeing designing interior details for the Boeing 787 passenger cabin; she holds over 15 patents in aircraft design. Ximena and her husband PCS-ed to South Carolina, where there were no employment opportunities that matched her skill set. While in SC, Ximena welcomed her daughter and weathered a deployment before the family once again PCS-ed, this time to the Washington, DC area where Ximena found the Dog Tag Fellowship program.

After graduation, she founded Ximena Rozo Design, a decorative home goods company. Ximena sustainably sources her collection in Colombia by integrating artisan communities from across the country—from indigenous and rural to urban artisans. Her company uses traditional designs to create handmade home accessories, manufactured by these artisan communities as a means of fostering their economic and social development in Colombia.

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