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Ximena Rozo graduated from the Dog Tag Inc. Fellowship Program in October 2015. She is an industrial and textile designer with demonstrated success designing and developing products, solutions, and experiences in a wide range of environments. Ximena’s work spans a broad spectrum, from designing interior details of the Boeing 787 passenger cabin to teaching a Design, Strategy, and Innovation course in a Master’s program, to the development of a sustainable enterprise for the advancement of the handicraft sector in Bogota, Colombia. She has experience in R&D with 15 US patents in aircraft design and numerous design awards. As the founder of Ximena Rozo Design, a studio focused on Product Design, Research and Strategy, she centers her attention on product development, where textiles become objects and handicrafts evolve into contemporary artifacts. Her home décor and furnishings emphasize color vibrancy, rich tactile qualities, and functionality in unconventional forms. As a brand strategist she works with clients to help them evolve their brand through design. 

As a military spouse she is working on establishing her design studio as a mobile platform for creativity and social development. Her husband’s career as a Latin American specialist for the U.S. Army has resulted in many assignments at home and abroad that enrich her life. It is this constant adjustment to novel situations that inspires her to be creative and to design easy-to-pack, easy-to-transport products for movement, rolling, interlacing, collapsing, or folding. The emphasis is on products as vessels for emotional connections, in order to effect permanence rather than disposability.

Ximena Rozo received a Bachelor of Arts in Textile Design (1996) from Universidad de Los Andes, Bogota, Colombia. In 2002 she was earned a Masters of Industrial Design (2002) from Pratt Institute, New York, NY. Subsequently, in 2007, Ximena completed a Certificate Program in Design Firm Leadership and Management from the University Of Washington, Seattle, WA. Her work has been featured in several design magazines. In August 2013, she authored the article "New movements that rebel against homogeneity" in Proyecto Diseño Magazine, Colombia. Her designs have been showcased in the U.S., Colombia, Japan, Italy, the Netherlands, and Colombia. She has work experience in Colombia, Mexico, Guatemala, and the U.S.

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