Willie Johnson Headshot

Air Force Veteran

Willie Johnson


Vicksburg, MS


Chicago Cohort 2

Favorite Baked Goods

Carrot Cake, Red Velvet Cake, or Mississippi Mud Cake

Originally from Vicksburg, Mississippi, Willie enrolled in the military shortly after graduating high school. He received his education from the Community College of the Air Force in Criminal Justice.

The son of an Army veteran, Willie joined the USAF in 1996 as a Security Specialist. Within that 23-year career, he had the opportunities to work as a Law Enforcement Specialist working with the base personnel at 6 different installations, Physical Security Specialist, and Information Security Manager. He served in 5 deployments and 3 combat deployments in support of Iraq and Afghanistan.

The Dog Tag Fellowship Program appealed to him during a Warrior Veteran Symposium last year. He researched the program and knew it would be a good fit in his pursuit to bring value to veterans from a coaching perspective. He hopes to gain business knowledge, networking, and professional skills necessary to operate a successful business and partner with other like-minded persons.

His absolute favorite is ALL baked goods, but if he had to narrow it down, he would say carrot cake, red velvet, or Mississippi mud cake.

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