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Thomas Martin is an Army Combat Veteran that grew up in the sunshine state, Florida. He enlisted into the Army after high school. His MOS was within the Military Intelligence department where he performed SIGINT, satellite and counter Intel duties depending on where he was stationed. He was deployed to several overseas missions, including the Middle East. He was on the fast track and quickly earned his SSG/E6 within five years before getting his honorable discharge.

After leaving the Army, he decided to travel to California where he earned his bachelors in Marketing and Business Law in 2010. By 2012, he felt that he needed to have a better understanding and be more marketable so he went back to school to major in design. In 2022, Wounded Warrior had a presentation on Dog Tag. Thomas knew that what Dog Tag represents and offered was going to benefit him. He is excited to learn more about business and growing with like minded individuals. He is looking forward to learning from everyone as he believes that everyone has experience to help him grow in his business and personal life. And he loves brownies.

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