teresa shoals

Army Veteran

Teresa Shoals


Shreveport, LA


Summer 2019

Teresa Shoals-Green is a native of Shreveport, Louisiana. She earned her BA from Northwestern State University in Criminal Justice and her MBA from Touro University. She has taken a leave of absence from obtaining her Doctorate of Management Degree from the University of Phoenix, due to the untimely death of her husband.

Teresa has served over seven years in the Army reserves and over 19.5 years on active duty. She will retire in September 2019 as a Master Sergeant Senior Human Resource Manager. Since 2007, Teresa has worked various staff-level positions in the Pentagon where she provided staff coordination and management of over 2,300 military and civilian personnel; exercised quality control and independent review of actions; reviewed and packaged correspondence for the Secretary of the Army, Chief of Staff, Vice Chief of Staff, and the Joint Staff. In 2011 she was selected as the only non-commissioned officer on the Secretary of the Army’s Institutional Transformation Commission (IATC). During her time on the task force, she built networks across the Army staff, ensuring rapid and thorough staffing of eleven Secretary of the Army directives with annual projected savings of $10 billion.

In memory of her husband Robert, Teresa plans to start a nonprofit to promote diabetes information in rural areas in Northern Louisiana. She believes the Dog Tag Fellowship will give her the knowledge, skills, and resources she needs to assist with her plans to start her nonprofit. Teresa has a love for all sweets.

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