senora malone

Navy Veteran, Spouse & Caregiver

Senora Malone



Senora Malone was born in the South and prides herself on being a southern girl. Born in Mississippi into a family that loved helping others, she was raised by integrating pioneers of education, civil service, and public health. Growing up around so many community leaders and driven people, she aspired to one day serve others in her own capacity. With the dream of being a philanthropist and civil activist since she was 6 years old, it wasn't surprising that she has such a great heart and a service spirit. She set off to college, then shortly after joined the United States Armed Forces.  While both she and her husband proudly wore their uniforms, they had three amazing children.  When Senora’s husband was injured the first time and at the time nurturing their youngest child, who came into the world suffering from many medical conditions, she was put on humanitarian orders and requested not to continue on serving her country, but to serve her family. After their son got to a healthy place and her husband was back on full duty, the desire to give back resurfaced. Senora first worked for American Red Cross overseas, in the government sector, then as a Liaison for the Exceptional Family Member Program, a pilot program for the military that helped families with special needs to thrive and sustain while their service members fulfilled their duties. She and her husband juggled deployments, raising children, and trying to keep marriage intact. When Senora’s husband was hurt the second time and sustained debilitating injuries, they then had to prepare to retire from a life they knew and loved. Through the transitioning process Senora was told about a program that would teach and give experience in a job market that she always had a passion for, nutrition and non-profit. Once accepted, she entered into an entrepreneurial program called Dog Tag Inc. As a fellow, she had hands on experience in what it took to not only build your company, but the tools to become a successful in business and establishing your impact on society. 

Outside of her role as a Veteran, Caregiver, Mother, Sister, Battle buddy and Mentor, Senora hopes to continue on her journey of serving others by getting involved in her new community while still reaching back to the one she loves and respects. With the goal of having her own non-profit and feeding business that seeks assistance, resources and respite for families dealing with TBI and PTSD she aspires to care for the small community of families that have given so much yet ask for little.  

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