seldon warner

Army Veteran and Spouse

Seldon Warner


Summer 2018

Favorite Baked Goods


Born in California, and raised in Montana, Seldon Warner entered the Army in June 2010 after one year at the University of New Mexico. He joined as an Airborne Infantryman and rose through the ranks to Staff Sergeant before being medically retired in December 2017. During those seven and half years, Seldon was deployed to Afghanistan, conducted training missions in Europe, and was in Alpha Company’s firing party at the 3rd U.S. Infantry Regiment, The Old Guard.

During his deployment, Seldon was struck by a rocket attack, which did not leave any outward injuries. With limited resources to address the internal injuries that Seldon was dealing with, he was medically retired.

Having recently completed his Associates Degree in Applied Health Science through American Military University, Seldon comes to Dog Tag Inc. (after seeing the experience his wife had in the program) with plans to start an organization to transform homes. His goal is to make homes ready for VA home inspection and affordable to other veterans. Dog Tag Inc. will give him the skills and direction to make this dream happen. Seldon has a hard time deciding on just one favorite baked good, but brownies are in the lead for now.

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