Marine Corps Spouse

Sasha Savage

Sasha Savage was born in Baltimore, Maryland. After graduating from college with her bachelor’s degree in psychology, she moved to New York where she started working in the financial sector. Sasha realized that her true passion was helping people plan ways to achieve their personal goals which led her to now pursue a master’s degree in project management. Sasha learned through alumni of the Dog Tag program that it was truly and exceptional experience to meet others and to learn about career or business development. She knew she had to take a leap of faith and get into the program for personal development and a pathway to a long-term goal.

Sasha would like to pursue a goal of opening a non-for-profit business that focuses on the transition from military service, mental health, and well-being for our service members and spouses who are returning or beginning a new career outside of the military. Sasha, who is a spouse of a veteran, currently lives in Jersey with her husband who is a Combat Marine Corps Veteran and their children. Sasha is looking forward to this journey with Dog Tag and looks forward to connecting with others and growing her network of future partnerships. Sasha’s favorite baked good is a warm chocolate brownie.

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