sara yezefski

Coast Guard Spouse

Sara Yezefski


Summer 2019

Favorite Baked Goods

Dark Chocolate Torte

Sara Yezefski grew up in Southeastern Connecticut and earned her Bachelor of General Studies from the University of Connecticut. In support of her husband’s Coast Guard career, Sara has moved five times and has “stood the watch” at home as the primary caregiver of their son.

Sara has served on multiple executive boards: Vice President of Coast Guard Spouses’ Club of D.C.; President of Odyssey Academy-Bay Area Parent Teacher Organization; and Corresponding Secretary of the Hayfield Elementary School Parent Teacher Association. As a direct sales consultant and Leadership Team member of SimplyFun, Sara helped families and teachers select educational games that were appropriate for different learning styles and special needs.

With her family facing multiple transitions, including military retirement and her son entering middle school, Sara hopes that this opportunity will equip her to further a career in neurodiversity that will have a positive impact on other military families and the broader neurodivergent community. Sara’s favorite baked good is a gluten-free dark chocolate torte with coffee.

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