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Carrot Cake

Sadye Rae Mehlman, a native of Pennsylvania, embarked on a journey driven by her yearning to contribute to a cause larger than herself. At the young age of 17, she made the decision to join the esteemed ranks of the US Navy. Throughout her service, she dedicated herself as an Equipment Operator on the crane crew stationed in Coronado.

During her remarkable tenure, Sadye undertook deployments to both Korea and Kuwait, where her skills and commitment were put to the test. In Kuwait, she played an instrumental role in the construction and maintenance of Camp Patriot, a vital 2000-person camp supporting the operations in the Iraq and Afghanistan conflicts (OIF/OEF).

Her dedication extended beyond her primary role, as she served as a trusted command lifeguard and an esteemed member of the color guard. Following her honorable discharge from the Navy, Sadye returned to her hometown, driven by a strong desire to care for an ailing family member and forge a meaningful connection with her father. During this period, she pursued higher education by enrolling in college courses while devoting her spare time to volunteering at local humane societies.

In 2014, Sadye made the decision to relocate to Chesapeake, Virginia, in order to be closer to her best friend. There, she continued her academic journey at the community college, while simultaneously exploring her passion for yoga and actively engaging in volunteer work. In 2019, she accomplished her second 200-hour Yoga teacher training certification, further deepening her knowledge and understanding of this transformative practice.

Sadye’s profound commitment to giving back led her to volunteer at Equi-Kids/Equi-Vets, where she experienced firsthand the power of making a positive impact on others’ lives. Her fervent dedication to helping those in need, along with her insatiable appetite for knowledge and thirst for new experiences, shaped her personal and professional journey.

Upon learning about Dog Tag Bakery through a Wounded Warrior Project information session, Sadye’s interest was immediately piqued. Delving deeper into the program, she found herself inspired by its unwavering dedication to assisting veterans and their spouses in leading purpose-driven lives, guided by a holistic approach. Motivated by her aspiration to establish an animal rescue or canine hospice, Sadye aspires to acquire the necessary tools and knowledge through Dog Tag Bakery, transforming her dream into a tangible reality.

Sadye’s favorite baked good is carrot cake.

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