rosette toussaint

Army Spouse

Rosette Toussaint


Winter 2020

Favorite Baked Goods

Cranberry and Orange Muffin

Rosette Toussaint is originally from Illinois. She is a graduate of Millikin University with a BA in management and organizational leadership and an MBA. As a foodie, she also holds a culinary degree from Joliet Junior College.

In 2018, she relocated to the Washington, DC area with her family and is an active duty Army spouse. She enjoys volunteering, and supports programs that embrace humanitarian and artistic missions for veterans and their families. She has volunteered with the USO’s coffee connections, the Red Cross, and participated in workshops with the ASAP (Armed Services Arts Programs) community.

Her interest in joining Dog Tag started at the Hiring our Heroes BRAVO event where she met Dog Tag’s CEO, Meghan Ogilvie, who shared the many benefits of the program as well as several other military spouses who were equally passionate about the Dog Tag Fellowship Program.

Coming into the program, Rosette expects to learn from and connect with other entrepreneurs. She wants to bring some of the best practices from 17 years of account management experience in the hospitality industry. Her long-term goal is to launch her own business.

Rosette’s favorite baked good is a cranberry and orange muffin.

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