Air Force Veteran

Richard Scott

Rich retired from the U.S Air Force in 2019. While the majority of his 20-year career was spent in Acquisitions, he enjoyed a wide range of assignments that allowed him to follow his passion for for aviation. Between working the flight line and developing leading edge radar technologies, his favorite moment was getting to fly in the back seat of a T-38 during a training mission and flying in formation with an F-117 Stealth Fighter.

After retiring from the Air Force, Rich opened up a small furniture studio that allowed him to pursue a creative outlet. Over the years, he’d developed a love for the creativity and craftsmanship used to produce custom furniture and woodwork. However, in 2020, Rich decided to close the shop as his family relocated to Minnesota. Rich’s goal for the Dog Tag Fellowship is to lay a foundation for opening another studio and continue building with his hands.

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