richard pert

Army Veteran

Richard Pert


Brockton, MA


Winter 2016

A graduate of the Winter Class of 2016 Dog Tag Fellowship Program, Sargent Richard Pert  (RET) grew up in Brockton, Massachusetts where he attended Brockton High School.  He played baseball and got very good grades, earning his position on the honor roll throughout his high school career. It was high school where Richard decided to join the US Army. Richard completed basic training at Fort Sill in Oklahoma, then moved on to Missouri’s Fort Leonard Wood where he attended AIT, advanced training as a military 12N heavy equipment operator. Richard’s first tour in Afghanistan was between 2010 and 2011. While in country he conducted many operations such as convoys, base security and building of bases, route repair, and training of soldiers on different equipment.  After returning from that tour, Richard went back overseas as a contractor in Kuwait. There, he conducted base security on Camp Averjon, the largest base in Kuwait. He redeployed with his Army unit back to Afghanistan in 2014 with a different mission. This time they tore down bases, some they had built on their previous tour. Half way through that tour Richard ended up having his appendix out and also falling from his truck and injuring his shoulder. Richard was then sent to Walter Reed in Bethesda, MD. Once at the medical facility Richard was treated for his shoulder injury as well as other injuries. Richard would like to give a special thanks to Walter Reed Medical facility for helping him threw everything and also getting him into this great program at Dog Tag. 

At the conclusion of the Dog Tag Fellowship Program Richard started a sales position with Soldier Fit and is also in the process of starting his own contracting business.

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