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Coast Guard Veteran

Rebecca Noel


Winter Class of 2022 - DC

Favorite Baked Goods

Anything with Chocolate

Rebecca is originally from Connecticut, but has spent most of her adult life in South Carolina. She is currently pursuing a bachelor’s degree.

Rebecca enlisted in the military from Colorado and served 6 honorable years in the United States Coast Guard as an Operational Specialist (OS). Her assignments span from the East Coast as a Technical Supervisor and down to the Caribbean as an Operations Security and Logistics Coordinator. She served as one of five active-duty Coast Guardsmen.

While visiting DC back in 2016, Rebecca met a Dog Tag employee who enlightened her about the fellowship program. Since then, Rebecca has been eagerly waiting to apply, and is excited for the educational opportunities and professional development the program has to offer. She hopes to gain business knowledge and the ins and outs of opportunities that are available to veterans.

Her favorite baked good is anything with chocolate.

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