randy johnson

Army Veteran

Randy Johnson


Mobile, AL


Summer 2021

Favorite Baked Goods


James Randall Johnson is from Mobile, AL. He completed his BA in Political Science and Communications at Furman University in 1998, his AA in Thai at the Defense Language Institute in 2008, and his MA in Security Studies at Georgetown University in 2011.

Randy Johnson was commissioned in September of 1998 and served in various leadership positions in the Armor and Foreign Area Officer community over a twenty-two year career. Randy served as an Army Programs Director at the Joint United States Advisory Group Thailand and finished his career as an Assistant Professor at the United States Army Command and General Staff College, specializing in Indo-Pacific studies.

After transitioning from the military, Randy joined a business consulting firm along with two other partners to help small and medium businesses conduct market entry and expansion into Southeast Asia. However, he lacked the fundamentals of business operations needed to successfully assist other businesses with their expansion plans. The world class instruction, in-depth/hands-on approach, and holistic program provided by the Dog Tag Fellowship Program made it an ideal choice to grow professionally and personally.

Randy expects to learn the fundamentals of business management. He also hopes to be a contributing member of the Dog Tag community and use the long-term relationships and alumni/instructor knowledge pool to assist with future challenges.

Randy’s favorite baked good is any type of bread.

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