patty horan

Army Spouse/Caregiver

Patty Horan


New York City, NY


Summer 2020

Favorite Baked Goods

Lemon Pound Cake

Patty was born outside NYC and grew up in Northern and Central Virginia. She obtained a degree in Marketing and met her husband Pat at Radford University in Virginia’s Blue Ridge Mountains. Patty said her “I do’s” to Pat and the Army in 2000, one year before the tragic 9/11 attacks shook the nation. 

Raised by a deeply patriotic World War II Veteran, Patty embraced the military life, proud of her family’s service and sacrifice to the country. She describes herself as loyal, likable, social, resourceful, creative and always up for a bit of excitement. In July of 2007, Patty became a military caregiver of a catastrophically combat wounded infantryman.

At first, Pat’s recovery seemed unlikely, but Patty felt as long as she could navigate the military healthcare system, commit to his rehabilitation, and stay one step ahead of his care, they would be ready to move Pat into the next phase of healing. Patty knew that Pat would work hard and do all he could to regain what had been lost. Thirteen years later, Pat’s recovery is nothing short of miraculous. Dog Tag Bakery is the perfect place for Patty to begin anew, breathe, think, and carve out a little something special for herself.

Patty’s favorite baked-good is lemon pound cake.

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