Patricia Price-McKenzie Headshot

Navy Veteran & Army Spouse

Patrica Price-McKenzie


Flint, MI


DC Cohort 16

Favorite Baked Goods

Her Mother's Lime Cake

Patrica Price is from the birthplace of the auto industry, Flint, Michigan. Deep roots, planted in a close-knit family, and a strong Christ-based foundation, shaped Patrica’s experiences growing up; unlocking her creative talents for writing, performing, and leadership early in life. She sang in choirs, acted in plays, and wrote and sold poetry, songs, and stories; while serving as cheerleader captain, and maintaining the A-B honor roll. Thanks to her village, Patrica thrived in a time where vitalization, prosperity, goodness, and generational unity paved her way; yellow bricks and all!

Patrica’s education and career pursuits are in the entertainment industry. She served on active duty with the United States Navy before marrying her active-duty Army husband, Reginald McKenzie. “Go Navy. Beat Army!” Together they’re raising three kids, two dogs, two cockatiels, and one hedgehog, and preparing for retirement next year.

Dog Tag Alum Adela Wilson encouraged Patrica to apply to the Dog Tag Fellowship Program in order to further her entrepreneurial aspirations.

Although Patrica may possibly have the sweetest tooth known to man, woman, or child, she will absolutely relinquish all the treats in Willy Wonka’s factory for a slice of her mother, Dot’s, delicious lime cake! #GetYouSome

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