mir khaled

Army Interpreter

Mir Khaled


Kabul, Afghanistan


Summer 2016

A graduate of the Summer Class of 2016 Dog Tag Fellowship Program, Mir Khaled was born and raised in Kabul, Afghanistan. He served as a linguist and cultural advisor for the US Army, and the US government for over six years (2005-2013). During his time with the US Army, he and my team were faced with lots of dangerous situations like enemy ambushes and improvised explosive devices. As he provided an excellent translation job for the US Army and US government, he received a special immigration visa (SIV) by the US government for his service. SIV was a program made by the US government for those who served as a linguist or cultural advisor in Afghanistan during the combat operation, and that was a great opportunity to come to US and start a new chapter of his life.

Mir came to the United States Nov. 2013. Before coming to the US, Mir graduated from university and earned a bachelor degree in Business Economics.

As a Fellow in Dog Tag, Inc., Mir’s hope is that by completing this program, he will be able to run his own small business or lead a team in a business environment. He is strongly motivated to rise to new challenges and to learn and to explore new concepts. He hopes to be the best possible employee at Dog Tag now, but also to learn more about management, marketing, finance and statistics to be a valuable member of the American workforce.

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