Minna Takushi-Ramos Headshot

Coast Guard Spouse

Minna Takushi-Ramos


Honolulu, Hawai'i


DC Cohort 17

Favorite Baked Goods

Orange cranberry scones

Minna Takushi-Ramos is a licensed massage therapist and personal trainer. She is passionate about health and wellness and looks forward to serving others so that they can continue to live the life they love. She is the owner and operator of Ripples & Reflections LLC, where she contracts her time to help others find recovery and relaxation through movement and/or body work.

Born and raised in the islands of Hawai’i, serving as a proud military spouse, and a mother of 4; she knows how important it is to appreciate good health to run alongside a busy lifestyle. She currently resides in Washington, DC, and looks forward to continue learning and growing her business to serve her community.

Her favorite baked good is orange cranberry scones!

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