milena mateo

Army Spouse & Caregiver

Milena Mateo



Milena Mateo graduated from Colorado Technical University Online with her MBA shortly after completing the Dog Tag Inc. Fellowship Program. As a military spouse, her main job is caring for her wounded warrior husband, also a Dog Tag Fellow. After working for almost fourteen years with the Department of Health in Miami, she had the opportunity to embrace education and it is a road that she enjoyed the most. In addition to her education, she is engaged in guiding and educating military spouses and their family members. Specifically, she focuses on how to get benefits and opportunities to better their life quality, during and after their service member is retired from the armed forces. She also collaborates with different entities that assist wounded warriors and their families. Recently, she and her husband assisted a service member with his wedding; through different volunteers they secured donations from the grooms suit to the engagement reception and their honeymoon suite. Some of the cooperators were Jos A. Bank, The Hilton Suites, Freedom Petals and more. All the volunteers that made this special weekend a time to remember surprised the Groom and Bride and her parents. Milena enjoys volunteer work, expending quality time with her family while helping her husband continue recovering from his wounds.

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