martha labadie

Army Spouse

Martha Labadie


Cali, Colombia


Summer 2020

Favorite Baked Goods

Chocolate Croissant

Martha Labadie was born in Cali, Colombia. Before she moved to Northern Virginia, she worked in banking and with an International Health Policy NGO. She received a bachelor’s degree in International Business Administration in Colombia.

Martha is a military spouse (her husband is an Army officer) and a mother of 2 active and charismatic children. While raising her children over the last few years, she has worked as a teacher and a Spanish tutor for business professionals.

Martha is known for her warm heart and for always supporting her family. She volunteered in Colombia for organizations that helped kids involved in domestic violence situations. Her passion for health brought her to start baking healthy pastries at home with her kids. She specializes in cooking with organic and healthy ingredients. She would love to develop a product that she can sell in bakeries and later in supermarkets.

She learned about Dog Tag Inc. from a military spouse networking event, and fell in love with the mission. She recognized it as a great opportunity to better understand how to run a small business while learning under the guidance and mentorship of entrepreneurs and other experienced leaders.

Since she loves chocolate, her favorite bakery item is a chocolate croissant.

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