lori ankabrandt

Army Veteran

Lori Ankabrandt


Carlisle, PA


Summer 2018

Favorite Baked Goods


Lori Ankabrandt was born and raised in Carlisle, Pennsylvania, and received her undergraduate degree in Business Logistics from Pennsylvania State University. Lori retired from the Army after twenty years of service as a Logistics Officer. She oversaw the 3rd Infantry Division’s logistical operations during the 2003 invasion of Iraq, and commanded a Ground Maintenance Company in Iraq in 2005. Lori also served as Executive Officer to a Polish Air Force officer responsible for equipping the Afghan National Security Forces.

The Army provided Lori with a purpose to protect and defend. She wants to continue to be of service and worries that homebound individuals may be marginalized and left behind in our society. Lori believes starting an organization that provides these individuals with holistic health care may allow them to develop a relationship with their body and a sense of empowerment in the healing process. She hopes Dog Tag Inc. will impart the knowledge and skills to sustain and grow a successful non-profit.

Lori’s favorite baked good is a Snickerdoodle. It brings back fond memories of time spent in the kitchen with her grandmother, and reminds her of the care packages sent to her while deployed.

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