lindsey knapp

Army Veteran

Lindsey Knapp


Aurora, IL


Summer 2020

Favorite Baked Goods


Lindsey Knapp was born and raised in Aurora, IL. She is an Army veteran who joined the military after September 11th. When Lindsey left the military in 2008, she applied to law school, but unfortunately her application was rejected. Undeterred, Lindsey got a job at Fort Bragg as a Victim Advocate, supporting victims of sexual violence. There she buckled down, retook the LSAT, and continued to lean forward into her dreams.  

In 2012, Lindsey was accepted to law school at North Carolina Central University’s evening program. For the next four years, Lindsey drove two hours to school three days a week, after a full day’s work, in order to complete her law degree. Upon graduation, Lindsey began to brainstorm how she could take her victim advocacy to the next level. Thus, Combat Sexual Assault was born. Lindsey created this nonprofit to help address the retaliation and barriers that victims of sexual violence in the military space.  

Lindsey is humbled to be a part of the Dog Tag Fellowship Program community, and hopes this experience will give her the added rigor and direction to ensure that the infrastructure of her non-profit can be sustained for years to come.   

Lindsey’s favorite baked good is DONUTS!  

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