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Army Veteran

Leanne Bergeron


Winter Class of 2022 - DC

Favorite Baked Goods

Birthday Cake

Leanne Bergeron is a veteran with 10+ years experience serving in the United States Army as a multimedia illustrator. She is originally from the Adirondack Mountains in upstate New York.

While in the Army, Leanne lived in the Mojave Desert of California; in the heat of North Carolina; in an airfield in Afghanistan; and in the suburbs of Maryland. Her favorite duty position was as an instructor at the Defense Information School on Ft. Meade, Maryland where she taught servicemembers their jobs as visual information specialists.

Leanne earned the following degrees: an Associate of Science in Graphic Design, Art Institute of Pittsburgh; a Bachelor of Arts in Communication Studies, University of Maryland Global Campus; and a Master of Arts in Integrated Design, University of Baltimore. When she’s not enrolled in school, she likes to bake, quilt, and travel with her husband and three dogs.

She hopes to gain insight on how to run a business properly while enrolled in the Dog Tag Fellowship Program, and looks forward to networking and building life-long relationships with other fellows.

Her favorite baked good is any type of birthday cake because there is something truly wonderful about celebrating someone’s birthday.

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