LaSharta Pearson Headshot

Air Force Veteran

LaSharta Pearson


Lawton, OK


Chicago Cohort 4

LaSharta Pearson is from Lawton, Oklahoma currently living in Houston, TX. She joined the Air Force in 2008, serving and honorably completing her 4 year enlistment at McConnell AFB, KS. After completing her enlistment in 2012, she moved to Raleigh, NC, where she spent 9 years.

LaSharta completed multiple educational programs, receiving her latest degree from North Carolina Central University in social work in 2017. In 2022, LaSharta decided to venture out, pursuing her dream to start a small business. Without a business background, she knew it would be a difficult journey - but not an impossible one. When she learned about Dog Tag, she knew this wasn’t an opportunity she wanted to let pass. While in the Dog Tag Program, LaSharta hopes to learn business skills, make long lasting friendships and gain confidence in being a business owner.

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