kimberly stahl

Navy Spouse

Kimberly Stahl


Washington, D.C.


Winter 2020

Favorite Baked Goods

Chocolate Chip Cookie

Kimberly Stahl was born in Washington, D.C. and graduated with a bachelor of science degree in advertising from the University of Florida. Growing up, she moved quite a bit which ultimately groomed her for a life with the military. 

Kimberly is a Navy spouse and a mommy to a very active 4 year old, and has lived all over the US and overseas. She has spent her career on and behind the camera. Before returning to DC, she worked in Belgium as a producer and host of the American Forces Network’s (AFN) ongoing and award-winning travel series and ghost hunting programs.

Kimberly’s desire to build her business acumen brought her to Dog Tag, where she hopes to develop and hone her entrepreneurial skills. She wants to continue creating projects that support service members and families by incorporating her experience in fashion and travel.

She has a hard time saying no to a chocolate chip cookie.

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