kimberly anne smith

Army Veteran, Spouse & Caregiver

Kimberly Anne Smith


Portsmouth, NH


Winter 2020

Favorite Baked Goods

Chocolate Croissant

Kimberly Anne Smith was Born in Portsmouth New Hampshire. She lived in several states as a child, including Colorado, California, and Massachusetts. She moved several more times after her father entered the Army Active Guard Reserves. 

Kimberly first furthered her education through the Army as a Behavioral Health Specialist and Nurse. She then attended Rasmussen College in Ocala, FL studying criminal justice, software application, design, and development. 

Mrs. Smith is an Army spouse, and was very active in her community throughout her spouse’s 20 years of service. She cooked meals, worked to rebuild military communities, and built a Family Readiness Group for her spouse’s command teams. 

As an active member of the veteran community, Kimberly has seen first-hand the impact DTI has had on fellows and alumni. She is excited to be a part of this amazing opportunity. Her goal is to design a consulting service for patients or the loved ones responsible for their care to help them access the best care possible. 

She looks forward to learning more about the process of creating a business, and gaining the support of the Dog Tag family as she works to create a business focused on supporting people on their path to wellness. 

Her favorite baked good is chocolate croissants!!

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