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Army Veteran

Kim DeFiori


Winter 2018

Favorite Baked Goods


Kimberly DeFiori was born in Louisiana and raised in Texas.  She received her undergraduate degree in Psychology from the United States Military Academy, and a Masters of Arts from Webster University in Business and Organizational Security Management.

Kim served in the Army for nine years in the Military Police Corps and obtained the rank of Captain.  She held positions ranging from Platoon Leader to Aide-de-Camp for the Provost Marshal General.  In 2011, Kim deployed to Afghanistan in support of Operation Enduring Freedom.  She led several missions, one of which was highlighted in the book Warrior Police.

After many years of trying to manage her PTSD and Traumatic Brain Injury effects, Kim is focusing on improving herself physically and mentally to find strength in her past traumas.  Kim was recently paired with her service dog Thor from This Able Veteran.  

Kim hopes to start her own nonprofit organization in the next five years to help veterans who suffer from PTSD and female veterans with sexual trauma.  She hopes Dog Tag Inc. will help her change careers and gain knowledge about veteran outreach programs. Kim’s favorite baked good is brownies with chocolate frosting and colored sprinkles––because if you are going to bake something, why not add sprinkles?

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