kathy giop

Army Spouse

Kathy Giop


Abidjan, Ivory Coast


Summer 2020

Favorite Baked Goods


Kathy was born in Abidjan, Ivory Coast but grew up in four continents throughout her life. She had a vastly different upbringing than most, having had the privilege of growing up in an environment filled with diverse people and cultures. These enriching experiences later served her well in better understanding other people and cultures. French was the first language she learned, which was followed by English, German and Korean. Some of her fondest memories were growing up in former West Germany which eventually led to a B.A. in German Language and Literature and ultimately a Masters in International Relations with a concentration in West European Union Studies.

As a military spouse, Kathy has been busy supporting her husband on his numerous missions and raising three very active children. During her free time, Kathy enjoys volunteering at various organizations within her local and military communities.

It was while volunteering at the Soldier Family Assistance Center that Kathy was introduced to the Dog Tag Fellowship Program through the 100 Entrepreneur luncheon. Through the Dog Tag Fellowship Program, Kathy hopes to gain the knowledge and know-how to conceptualize her business ideas and make them into a reality. 

Kathy’s favorite baked good is Rosinenschnecken (Pain Au Raisins). 

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