Julee Abarca Headshot

Marine Corps Spouse

Julee Abarca


Chicago, IL


Winter Class of 2022 - Chicago

Favorite Baked Goods

Chocolate Chip Cookies

Julee Abarca was born and raised in Chicago. She holds an Associate of Arts Degree from Wilbur Wright College and an Administrative Professional Certificate from the International Association of Administrative Professionals.

In the sixth grade, she first met her Marine Veteran partner, Kyle, and they lost touch for a few years after high school. During the time they lost touch, Kyle served his country, and Julee worked on obtaining an education, but they never forgot about each other and the friendship they once held. Today, they are reunited, have a wonderful son together, and continually work on doing their best for their small family.

Julee knows the importance of hard work and fighting for what you value. She has worked hard to fund her education and is resourceful in finding ways to further elevate herself. Julee is a big advocate for community support and healing resources, such as professional therapy. She is excited to be part of The Dog Tag Fellowship Program, which embodies a community and a healing space. She hopes to use the knowledge and tools in the fellowship program to launch her administrative professional consultation business.

Julee’s favorite dessert is gooey, freshly-baked chocolate chip cookies.

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