José Lazokafatty

Army Veteran

José Lazokafatty


Summer 2017

José Lazokafatty comes from a multicultural background. He served in the military and worked in the hospitality and sales industries alongside people from 27 countries around the world. These vibrant experiences helped him possess a greater understanding of how to respond to people's interactions to achieve common objectives.

José values his military service and expresses that it has been the most professionally significant experience of his life. He remembers completing this experience with feelings of incredible pride and honor to be serving his country. He is grateful and honored that for his efforts, he earned multiple impact awards, letters of commendation, achievement certificates, and recognition coins.

José is completing the academic requirements to obtain an Architectural Degree that can lead to professional practice as a Licensed Architect. He wants someday to be able to repay his experiences to help improve the living environments of military service members and veterans.

Having served as a United States soldier has granted Jose the opportunity to explore new cultures, which it built tolerance and conflict resolution. José found inspiration and comfort in the words "life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness." José believes in the United States Constitution, and his service in the military intensified the love and desire to become a better citizen of the United States of America.

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