jonee coleman

Army Veteran

Jonee Coleman


Anderson, IN


Winter 2021

Favorite Baked Goods

Lemon Merengue Pie and Red Velvet Cake

Ms. Jonee Coleman is from Anderson, IN. She enlisted into the military as a 74B (Army Information Systems Operator/Analyst) where she performed unit level maintenance on multifunctional/multi-user information processing systems. During her military tenure, Ms. Coleman’s job title evolved into a 25B (Information Technology Specialist) and her duties expanded to customer and network administration services in addition to serving in leadership roles before her discharge. 

Ms. Coleman honorably served 10 years in the Army, and was discharged from active duty in 2010. She worked as a government contractor and pursued her B.A. in Fashion Marketing and Management from the Art Institute of Washington and graduated in 2014. Ms. Coleman was introduced to the Dog Tag Fellowship Program periodically while searching for veteran entrepreneurship programs, but prayed that God would inform her of the right time to pursue the opportunity. 

In 2020, Ms. Coleman’s Wounded Warrior Program coordinator mentioned the program and encouraged her to apply. Ms. Coleman is hoping to revise/update her current business and learn to balance her mental health and wellness as well as further research on the behavioral of transitioning service members from the military.

Jonee’s favorite baked goods include lemon merengue pie and red velvet cake.

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