Navy Veteran

Jennifer Williams-Calliste

Jennifer Williams-Calliste, a Chicago native, has always loved helping people going way back to her years of volunteering at church while growing up. Upon exiting High School and soul searching for an avenue to take, all roads lead to the United States Navy. While proudly serving as an Operation Specialist, she was injured during an “all hands” Submarine docking evolution. The injuries incurred lead to her being medically retired.

Jennifer started the road to healing and still found time to receive her Bachelor of Arts degree while attending The University of North Florida. She utilized her degree and began teaching mainstream students, later special needs students, and received several awards and recognition for her hard work.

The pandemic of 2020 closed the school Jennifer taught at and all schools in the area. Not being in the classroom anymore, she began researching what she could do until schools opened again. Always wanting to start her own business she started exploring what needed to be done to do just that.

Jennifer stumbled upon a program called Dog Tag that truly piqued her interest. Why? Being able to participate in a program that would help take her idea, then maneuver her towards the reality of starting her own business was a dream come true! This realization brought tears to her eyes and she is more than ready to begin this amazing journey of entrepreneurship!

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