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Army Spouse

Jennifer Gobora


Philadelphia, PA


Winter Class of 2022 - DC

Favorite Baked Goods

Chocolate Cupcake with White Buttercream Frosting

Jennifer Gobora was born in the Midwest, but raised in and currently resides in the suburbs of Philadelphia. Jennifer is the spouse to her retired Army husband, Harry, and has been a full-time businesswoman for 25 years. She is also a mom and a part-time single parent while Harry was deployed to her children, daughter Riley and son David, as well as to her dogs, Molly and Sadie.

Jennifer is a graduate of Mount Holyoke College with a BA in History/Political Science, and from Villanova University with a MA in Political Science. She is a NCAA athlete in swimming and rowing, marketing executive, beginner golfer and expert dog walker.

Introduced to the Dog Tag Fellowship Program through an email from Ft. Belvoir, where Harry was obtaining medical care after deployment, the program piqued her interest as both of her children are now in college and her husband has retired from the Army. She feels this is the perfect time to work on herself! Within the fellowship program, Jennfer would like to work on increasing her business acumen with a focus on human resources and finances.

Her favorite baked good is a chocolate cupcake with white buttercream frosting – “compact, transportable and the perfect size treat!”

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