Hillary Richonne, Director of Communications

Director of Communications

Hillary Richonne

Hillary likes to change the world. She is driven by connections that lift up people and communities together, fostering innovation and creativity. She leads on framing and using Dog Tag's voice to serve our communities and ensures our teams work strategically to cultivate partnerships and relationships that advance our mission.

Hillary brings experience in education, entertainment, policy, and diplomacy including working as an entrepreneur and communications consultant in the UK with the NHS and London Business School, as well as leading politics and public affairs at the British Embassy in San Francisco. She founded the Marshall Scholarship Virtual Summit and sat on the diversity committee. She also expanded access to entrepreneurial funding to black women, trans people, and other members of the LGBT+ community via virtual events and an international interview series.

She holds a BS in Film and Television from Boston University, a Teaching Credential in Secondary Social Science, and an MA in International Communication and Development from City University of London.

Outside of changing lives at work, Hillary likes to read fantasy novels, write, crochet, experiment with pie recipes, and travel to new places. Her favorite bakery treat is the Raspberry Crumble Bar.

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