Headshot of Henry Terrero

Marine Corps Veteran

Henry Terrero


Havana, Cuba


DC Cohort 16

Favorite Baked Goods

Banana Bread

Henry was born in Havana, Cuba in 1988, before his family immigrated to New Jersey in 1992. As a child in a foreign country, he desired the life he saw in American movies. His love for this country led him to join the Marine Corps in 2006, serving 4 years in San Diego as an administration and manpower clerk.

Later he returned to NJ and enrolled at Montclair State University to study political science. In 2020, Henry's girlfriend suggested they bake together as an activity. They began by making his favorite, banana bread, developing a genuine love for a skill he thought was outside his skillset. Henry has the drive and hustle to be his own boss and recognizes you miss 100% of the shots you don't take. Surrounded by support, it provides him with the motivation to reach his goals.

Henry began to research ways to apply his new skills to his community, which was when he discovered the Dog Tag Fellowship Program. Henry believes this fellowship is the opportunity to reignite his drive in his entrepreneurialism. He’s eager to begin his journey with a program that aligns with his life goals, beliefs, aspirations, and allows him to give back to his community.

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