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Army Veteran

Hattie Norwood


Saginaw, MI


DC Cohort 18

Favorite Baked Goods

Red Velvet Cupcakes

Hattie is a former paratrooper of the 82nd airborne division in Fort Bragg North Carolina as a Human Resource Specialist. After her service, she continues to strongly believed that it is her duty and loyalty without thought of recognition or gain to offer basic building blocks of selfless service to the community. In an effort to establish herself as a real time entrepreneur, she participated in the climate reality leadership course and stumbled upon beekeeping as a hobby.

She received a yearlong mentorship through Hives for Heroes in the state of Texas. During her mentorship she was able to allow her children to train alongside her. Realizing that she had a unique opportunity to create a lifelong legacy for her children, she established Hattie Bees as a business in 2021. Hattie became certified as a beekeeper on Jan 5th, 2022, through Michigan State University, Heroes to Hives online course.

Now having beekeeping experience in three states and owning properties in the state of Michigan, Hattie's goal is to one day take beekeeping as a trade back to her hometown of Saginaw, MI. This will not only secure a legacy for her children but also provide youth and young adults with an outlet and a resource for entrepreneurship training and experience.

Being part of the Dog Tag Fellowship Program is exciting and will help Hattie B further development her business of beekeeping into a viable and competitive brand. Where honey is produced and sold nationwide in most retail stores. We can “Save the Bees” together, Hattie B with the support of Dog Tag Bakery! Forever grateful for this opportunity to grow as well as enjoy delicious sweet treats.

Hattie's favorite baked good is red velvet cupcakes!

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