georgina michel

Army Veteran

Georgina Michel


Miami, FL


Summer 2021

Favorite Baked Goods


Georgina M Michel is a retired US Army veteran born in Miami, Florida. She is also the proud single mother of a college-bound daughter. During her 22 years of service, she was a Non-Commissioned Officer in both the Medical and Intelligence Corps. Her two Modes of Service were 68K (Medical Laboratory Specialist) and 35M (Human Intelligence Collector). Georgina has an associate’s degree from the George Washington University in Medical Laboratory Sciences, a bachelor's degree from Oberlin College in Theater Production, and a master's degree from Grand Canyon University in Healthcare Informatics. She also attended pastry school at Virginia College.

Georgina’s love for baking began as a child and has always been a focal point in her life. She has been a semi-professional baker for over 20 years and is especially proficient in cakes, breads, and small pastries. Georgina came to Dog Tag to continue her adventure in baking and enter the world of entrepreneurship. She hopes to create new and powerful connections with fellow veterans, spouses, and caregivers through the exchange of knowledge and experiences.

As for baked goods, she has a few favorites; however, lately, she seems to gravitate towards cheesecake.

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