Funmilayo Aranmolate Headshot

Air Force Veteran

Funmilayo Aranmolate


Spartanburg, SC


DC Cohort 17

Favorite Baked Goods

Oatmeal Cookies

Funmilayo Aranmolate's personal motto is “your eyes will allow you to see 20/20, but your vision will allow you to see the world.” Her motto was inspired after reading the fascinating accomplishments of Helen Keller, a blind and deaf author, advocate, and political activist nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize. She realized your eyes have a limit, but your vision is infinite.

Funmilayo's love of eyes and vision began after wearing her first pair of glasses in the second grade to see the board clearly in school. Subsequently, she was hooked. Her passion guided her to become an active-duty optometrist in the Air Force to examine and preserve the vision of men, women, and families worldwide. After retiring, she volunteers to provide eye exams to the underserved.

Funmilayo holds a B.A. in Sociology from Johnson C. Smith University and a Doctor of Optometry Degree from The Ohio State University. You will find her cheering for both JCSU and OSU year-round.

She cherishes the ability to move and speak. Funmilayo will sign up for 5K for a good cause or a medal. She enjoys yoga, reading books, golfing, and traveling with friends and family.

Her favorite baked good is oatmeal cookies!

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