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Air Force Veteran

Eugene Dingle


Washington, DC


DC Cohort 18

Mr. Dingle is a native of Washington, D.C. He entered the Air Force in December of 2000 as a maintainer. After basic training, he went onto Maintenance Technical school and graduated in January 2001. Mr. Dingle’s first assignment was at Mt. Home AFB, ID where he worked on C-135s. His second assignment led him to McGuire AFB, NJ in 2002 to maintain KC-10s and C-17’s. Receiving a break in his maintenance career, Mr. Dingle obtained a special duty assignment at Incirlik Air Base in Adana, Turkey as a Registered Mail Clerk, where he excelled on a professional level. Eugene Dingle was an Aero Propulsion Mechanic at the 60th Air Maintenance Squadron on Travis AFB in California. Finally, Mr. Dingle ended his 15-year Active-Duty career in maintenance at Travis AFB, CA as a C-5 engine mechanic with the 60th Air Maintenance Squadron.

Since separating from active duty in December 2015, Mr. Dingle has continued to serve his country in the California Air National Guard as a Chaplain Assistant at Moffett Airfield, CA. Currently, he works at the 175th Warfield Wing in Middle River Maryland. Looking for an opportunity to try something new in preparing for life after the military and possibly creating a business that could be passed down to his children, Mr. Dingle stumbled upon a potential business idea after buying a small ice-shaving machine for his girls and wife’s daycare.

While serving snow cones to the locals, Mr. Dingle found out that out of all cold desserts, snow cones were underrepresented and left a demand for them everywhere he went. This gave him the idea to come up with a cold dessert business by the name of Ice Force. Ice Force's name came from a play on words, the most obvious being the branch of service from which he has served over 23 years (Air Force).

Ice Force would be a unique cold dessert place due to the desire to cater to all types of dessert lovers. Ice Force will not reject any cold dessert from joining its ranks. The list will be plenty including but not limited to soft serve ice cream cones/cups, milkshakes, gelato, frozen yogurt, sorbet & snow cones. Mr. Dingle desires to sell name brands, such as dipping dots, and Italian Ice as well.

Mr. Dingle plans on starting small with a mobile cart and/or truck before moving into a brick-and-mortar. Ice Force will look to establish a presence at birthday parties, weddings, squadron and base events, company picnics, etc. It would be a dream to sign a contract with an active-duty Air Force Base as well as other military bases.

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