Emine Nolan Headshot

Army Spouse

Emine Nolan


Fulda, Germany


DC Cohort 18

Favorite Baked Goods

German Cheese Cream Cake with Tangerines

Emine Nolan was born and raised in Fulda, Germany. She spent 3 years at a vocational business school where she gained both practical and theoretical knowledge. Emine is a military spouse to her husband who retired from the Army in 2016. She is also a pet mom to her dog Albert and recently rescued stray cat, Baby.

Emine’s journey led her to Dog Tag after struggling with personal challenges and feeling stuck. She started her online resale Business, The Peaceful Dove Closet. When she discovered the Dog Tag Fellowship Program, she knew it would be a great resource to expand her business and knowledge, gain a renewed sense of purpose and direction, and make meaningful connections with likeminded people.

Emine enjoys thrifting and antiquing and has recently begun a wellness journey focusing on a healthy body and mind. She is ready to embark on a transformative journey through Dog Tag, paving the way for a fulfilling future.

She likes all German Cakes, but if she had to choose one it would be German cheese cream cake with tangerines.

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