eduardo panyagua

Marine Corp Veteran

Eduardo Panyagua


Los Angeles, CA



Eduardo “Lalo” Panyagua graduated from the Dog Tag Inc. Fellowship Program in October 2015. He is originally from Los Angeles, California.  At 17 years old he enlisted in the United States Marine Corp and served 7 years before being medically retired in 2013.  During his service Lalo was attached to 3rd Battalion 10th Marines, with whom he deployed oversees to Iraq and Afghanistan. During this time Lalo was awarded the Navy and Marine Corps Achievement medal for his actions as a platoon sergeant.

Since his time in the service Lalo has devoted his time to personal and professional development.  Two-weeks after his retirement ceremony, Lalo was already attending community college classes to help him prepare for his next step.  He soon became the president of the Veteran Student Association and helped connect student-veterans to resources on campus and beyond.  Last summer, Lalo participated in the Warrior Scholar Project at Yale University, an intensive program to help veterans transitioning to college reach their full potential in the classroom and become leaders on campus.  On his spare time Lalo has been working with Professor Nancy Sherman to bring awareness to veterans suffering with PTSD and provided his narrative for her new book, “Afterwar: Healing the Moral Wounds of Our Soldiers”.

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