donna vojvodich

Coast Guard Spouse

Donna Vojvodich


Winter 2018

Favorite Baked Goods

Sourdough Bread

Raised in California, Donna Vojvodich is a Coast Guard spouse. Educated at California State University, Sacramento and Hastings College of Law, she was serving as a Deputy District Attorney in Humboldt County when she met a crew member of the USCGC Sapelo at a Toastmasters meeting. This meeting led to marriage, a move to Virginia, and an introduction to Coast Guard life. She cherished the opportunities afforded by permanent change of station moves to experience the wildness of life on an Alaskan island, the balmy weather in southern Florida, and the many wonders of living at a Long Island Sound lighthouse.

She is currently a Coast Guard Arlington Lady, volunteering to attend funeral services at Arlington National Cemetery to ensure that no Soldier, Sailor, Airman or Coast Guardsman is buried alone. After 21 years of raising children and driving hundreds of thousands of miles to actively support them in their interests, Donna is contemplating the next stage of her life. Since she has always wanted to start her own business, Dog Tag offered the perfect opportunity to obtain the education and practical experience needed for success. She would like to distribute or manufacture bread products free from corn, gluten, and soy.

Donna loves sourdough bread - there’s something about the tangy taste that pairs well with just about everything.

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