deirdre tinsely

Army Veteran & Spouse

Dierdre Tinsley


New York


Summer 2021

Favorite Baked Goods


Dierdre D. Tinsley is a native New Yorker. She graduated from Hillcrest High School in Jamaica, NY, received her BA from Paine College in Augusta, GA, and received her MBA from Strayer University—Washington, DC campus.

Upon completing 25 years of faithful active-duty service, Dierdre retired from the US Army. She also served in the Army National Guard and the Reserves. She is married to Rufus, a fellow Army retiree. While on active duty, Dierdre served as an Executive Administrative Assistant and a Senior Linguist (Farsi, Dari, and French).

Dierdre views Dog Tag as an exceptional opportunity to gain direct experience and expertise in operating a small business and further develop her core skills to aid in business and in life. She also relishes the opportunity to interact and learn from professionals and reconnect with veterans. Dierdre hopes to develop her core skills to enrich her professional and personal life, network with experts who can serve as mentors throughout her entrepreneurial journey, better understand the process and the tools required to become a successful business owner, and form new friendships.

Dierdre enjoys all baked goods but admits to having an endearing place in her heart for cupcakes.

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