desiree wineland

Army Veteran

Desiree Wineland


Winter 2019

Favorite Baked Goods

Swedish Princess Tortes

Desiree proudly served 24 years as an Army Aviator, serving in various command assignments––acquisition, logistics, testing, evaluation, procurement, equipping, ATC and even as a Congressional Fellow. Her favorite movie is Top Gun; she wanted to marry Maverick, until her helicopter had an engine failure. She gracefully fell out of the sky, almost crash landing on the man she later married.

After retiring with her husband, Desiree co-founded American Butchers and Beyond the Butchers, along with her two sons. Desiree sees herself as a catalyst for change, and loves creating solutions when others believe something can’t be accomplished. This roll-with-the-punches attitude has carried Desiree through life; she never sugarcoats anything (unless she’s frosting cupcakes). Desiree is excited to attend the Dog Tag Fellowship for the opportunity to learn more about running a bakery and how DTI balances the fellowship program with yoga, as her family is exploring adding both to their business growth model. Her favorite baked good is Swedish Princess Tortes, especially when she’s eating them on her birthday.

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