craig smith

Navy and Marine Corps Veteran

Craig Smith


Summer 2018

Favorite Baked Goods

Carrot Cake

Craig Smith was born and raised in New Jersey. After high school, Craig went to Stockton State College to study Liberal Arts for a year. He then decided to enlist in the Marine Corps as a Military Policeman for three years, and was stationed in the North East. Craig then enlisted in the Navy as a Corpsman and did several tours as an Emergency Medical Tech and Radiography Tech throughout the US and Europe, as well as several deployments to Asia and the Middle East for nineteen years. He has traveled through fifty-eight countries on six continents––both with the military and on his own.  

 Craig currently runs his own real estate business, and saw the Dog Tag Fellowship as a great opportunity to challenge himself and improve upon his small business. He plans to obtain the skills and know-how in order to become a successful entrepreneur and provide housing for low income individuals, primarily in the Washington, DC area. 

 Craig’s favorite baked good is carrot cake.

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