Army Veteran

Cory Garbe

Cory Garbe grew up on the outskirts of the Chicago metropolitan area in the tiny hamlet of Newark, Illinois. After his high school graduation, he enlisted in the Army as a Signals Intelligence Analyst. Cory served in First Sergeant and Operations NCOIC positions and completed three combat tours in Afghanistan during his 24-year active duty career. He earned his Associate of Arts degree in Arabic Studies from the Defense Language Institute in Monterey, California. Cory has a wife, Joan, and two tortoiseshell cats, Gir and Lilith.

After retiring from the Army, Cory spent the first few months taking a break and spending time with his family. He remains active by volunteering in the community, focusing on efforts that better the lives of Service Members and their families. In his spare time, Cory studies voiceover acting and photography.

Cory started researching avenues of entrepreneurship to expand his understanding of business in hopes of becoming his own boss. He’d heard of Dog Tag before, but it was their mission and commitment to the military family that drew him in. Cory’s favorite baked good is strawberry rhubarb pie, but also has a strong affinity for the Dog Tag Blondie.

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