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Constance Milstein

As the daughter of a World War II veteran, Constance “Connie” Milstein has prioritized supporting and empowering service members and their families throughout her career. Dog Tag is the latest—and tastiest—in a long line of projects Connie has pioneered to help service members and their families find and fulfill their purpose.

Connie’s devotion to assisting military families dates back to the 1970s when she served as an attorney for the Coast Guard’s Board for the Correction of Military Records. She is a founding board member of Blue Star Families, the nation’s largest support organization for military spouses and children. In recognition of this service, Connie received the inaugural Blue Star Families Angel Award in 2013, which was renamed in her honor.

Connie has also dedicated her career to bringing together great minds around solving international issues. She founded the Humpty Dumpty Institute, which advances women leaders in international diplomacy, and serves on the boards for the Children’s Foundation and Medical Missions for Children, two philanthropic efforts improving health and opportunity for kids around the world. She also supports democracy-focused international affairs and foreign policy on both sides of the aisle with her National Security Project, where she has worked with leaders around the world on some of the most pressing issues of our time.

Her life of coalition building, volunteerism, and problem-solving led Connie to a chance meeting with Father Rick Curry, SJ in 2013, in whom she found a kindred spirit who shared the same purpose: to be of service to others. Like all of us, Connie and Father Curry witnessed how the lives of service members and their families had been transformed by the 9/11 attacks and subsequent military actions. They both recognized the need for innovative programs to support and empower veterans and military families.

With experience running a bakery in Mount Kisco, NY employing women from underserved communities (and boasting a perfected and beloved brownie recipe), Connie knew a bakery was an ideal, welcoming space to help veterans and their families successfully transition—both personally and professionally—from military to civilian life.

From that chance meeting that brought them together, Connie and Father Curry have changed the lives of Dog Tag’s alumni. And while Father Curry passed away in 2015, Connie carries on their shared mission to champion those who have committed their lives to serving our country.

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