christopher cosgrove

Marine Corps Spouse

Christopher Cosgrove


Las Vegas, NV


Summer 2018

Favorite Baked Goods

Sourdough Bread

Christopher Cosgrove was born in California and raised in Las Vegas, Nevada. He received his Bachelor’s degree in Criminal Justice, Law, and Society from George Mason University and studied music extensively at the College of Southern Nevada. Chris has experience teaching and performing in Las Vegas and the D.C. area as a vocalist, guitarist, and opera singer.

Since becoming a Marine Corps spouse, Chris has supported military and veteran communities by volunteering for a variety of programs. He first learned about Dog Tag Inc. at an Armed Services Arts Partnership (ASAP) performance for Canine Connection. Chris was inspired by the opportunity to learn valuable business skills, while also having the chance to give back to the military community. Now, as an expectant father, Chris hopes to utilize the experience from the Dog Tag Fellowship and his skills in music to start a business that will support his military family as well as the veteran community. Chris enjoys baking bread, of which his favorite is sourdough bread.

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