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Air Force Veteran & Spouse

Briann Gibson


Allen, TX


DC Cohort 17

Favorite Baked Goods

Fresh-out-of-the-Oven Bread Smothered in Butter and Warm, Fresh Cookies

Briann grew up in Texas until she enlisted in the United States Air Force in 2005, where she became an Aircraft Fuel Systems Journeyman. She learned to work several different airframes during her 8 years of enlistment; to include the B1-Bomber (Dyess AFB, TX), F-16 Fighter Aviano AB, Italy) and C-130 (Peterson AFB, CO). During this time, Briann completed two deployments supporting OPERATION IRAQI FREEDOM, and OPERATION ENDURING FREEDOM; additionally she supported OPERATION ODYSSEY DAWN.

While at Aviano AB, Briann met her husband, who at the time was also an Aircraft Fuel Systems Journeyman. After finishing her enlistment at Peterson AFB, Briann followed her husband on to Ft. Campbell, KY as he had just retrained as a TACP. Here she attended Austin Peay State University and graduated with a Bachelors of Science in Nursing. After graduation from nursing school, the family relocated to Savannah, GA where she began her career as a registered nurse in Neurology Med-Surg and Wound Care.

Briann is no stranger to unpredictable life changes, flexibility and resiliency as her husbands’ career has seen several no notice deployments on top of multiple other deployments. Briann is a mom to two children, Tristan and Lucy and currently learning about becoming more sustainable at home by raising chickens, quail and pigs on the homestead. Briann heard about Dog Tag through her husband and after researching more about the company realized that this might be her opportunity to take a pipe dream of a “farm-to-table” restaurant into fruition.

Her favorite baked good is fresh-out-of-the-oven bread smothered in butter and warm, fresh cookies.

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